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  • Michael

Top 9 Star Wars Movies, But It’s All ISEC

  1. ISEC 5: ISEC Strikes Back (with its new missile “defense” system)

  2. ISEC 6: Return of the Tax-Breaks

  3. ISEC 3: Revenge of the Low-Income Students Who Can’t Afford Housing or Food

  4. ISEC 7: The Forcibly Evicted In Bulldozed Low-Income Housing Awaken

  5. ISEC 4: A New Building Code (but it’s bad lol pranked)

  6. ISEC 1: The Phantom Taxes

  7. ISEC 2: Attack of Aoun

  8. ISEC 8: The “Last” ISEC

  9. ISEC 9: The Rise of Tuition (to 200k/semester)


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