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Readers Respond: Vaccines

Readers Respond!

Every week, we pose a question to our beloved readers. Here was last week's question:

There aren't a lot of vaccines to go around right now. Why do you think that you should be at the front of the line to receive one?


Harmony, 34, from Los Angeles, California

As a self-employed distributor of essential oils, I am clearly an essential worker, and I need the vaccine so that I can keep these essential supplies coming. By the way, would you like to be your own boss?


Brady, 19, from Milford, Ohio

Editor's note: A video showing Brady saying "If I get corona, I get corona" was widely circulated in March 2020.

Why do people keep cutting, people keep cutting off what I say, what I say and misreporting my unusual stutter? I meant to say, meant to say, "If I get corona, that would be unfortunate, as I would be unable, would be unable to properly serve patients at the hospital, at the hospital I work at; therefore, I will do everything I can, everything I can to prevent it."


Mark, 36, from Palo Alto, California

As CEO of Facebook, and as a member of the species Homo Sapiens, I am vulnerable to SARS-CoV-2, as well as the disease it causes, COVID-19. Just like other human CEOs, I believe that I should also obtain one (1) unit of Comirnaty™, to be injected into my deltoid muscle. I will then obtain a second dose of Comirnaty™ twenty-one (10101) days after the initial dose, consistent with public expectations of a person in my position.


Bill, 65, from Medina, Washington

Finally, I can get that 5G GPS I ordered last year! What took so long?


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Submit your response, and it may be featured in next week's edition of Readers Respond!


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