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Husky Husky: Cosplay, or Real Dog?

I received the call at midnight.

“Investigator Ro-dog? There’re whisperings on the internet of a new comedy group.”

I leaped up in alarm. Another comedy group on Northeastern’s arboretum campus? Impossible. Northeastern’s arboretum campus can only have one, and it is Times New Roman, named after a font, famed on Facebook group NUCrushes for being “full of hotties,” and loved for their Afterhours performances.

So what the fuck is the Husky Husky?

My first thought was that they were truly a husky that might have had too many kibbles and might need to switch to Science Diet.

But that is not the case, because according to some anonymous informed sources, they have a cult-like reddit following, which just wouldn’t happen if they were actually an obese dog. Fat dogs don’t have reddit followings, right? Right?

It turns out… they’re a group of students at Northeastern University, whose campus, by the way, is an arboretum, who cosplay as huskies (have we found the campus furries?) I believe they are attempting to steal our vibe.

Silly Husky Husky, tricks are for kids.

More to come as the story develops.



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