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Celebrate #InternationalWomensDay with these eight sexy, empowering tips to satisfy your man!

Today, we at TNR celebrate International Women’s Day - not because we have to, but because we want to. And what better way to empower the amazing Women around the world than to tell them the ways that they can continue to improve, inspire, and impower by satisfying the men who support them. That’s why we at TNR have compiled eight sexy tips that will amaze your man!

  1. Grow a third boob - your man loves you for who you are, both inside and out, but he would be head over heels if you were to grow a third boob. He’d appreciate it!

  2. Keep it down when he’s watching the big game - your man loves you, and he loves to hear your amazing voice. But c’mon babe, the Pats are only on once a week, and he’ll listen to your problems about your marriage or whatever when the game’s over. That’ll really make him happy!

  3. Buy more lingerie - You’re always sexy, especially when you’re showing off your bodacious bod. Surprise him by spending your own money to buy some lingerie.

  4. Buy a respectful nightgown - Entice your man, by hiding your body. Too much of a good thing is never good! You’ll have him drooling when even your ankles are covered!

  5. Be more like his mom - He loves when his mom stops by, so make it seem like she never left! Do his laundry, feed him, cut the crusts off his sandwiches, and bathe him! In a bubble bath, of course! That’s sure to get him hot and bothered.

  6. Let him have sex with Kathy - You see the way he looks at her. You know he still loves you, he just needs to explore!

  7. Make his interests yours - You know he doesn’t care about the girly stuff you like. Show him that you care by showing what you like about his interests! Men love it when you lose your sense of self, and become the ultimate Manic Pixie Dream Girl! Listen to the Joe Rogan Experience, or go with him to one of his weekly trips to the strip club!

  8. Lose 15 pounds - Your man loves your body, but it’s okay to not be perfect. For now. There are many quick ways to burn that fat - and quickly! He’ll love you for it! Probably!



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