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Analyzing Northeastern's March Madness Prospects

By Willy Unterkoefler, in collaboration with Shannon Foley, guest writer and sports enthusiast

The Northeastern Huskies Men’s Basketball team is doing big things this year and recently earned their spot as a 13 seed in the only NCAA tournament that I actually sort of pay attention to and annually lose money trying to predict. In an effort to help my fellow Huskies try to place smart bets this year on Northeastern’s tough match against the infamous Kansas Jayhawks, I reached out to my number one source for all things sports. Here’s her prediction. Enjoy!

“I don’t know basketball, but I’ll guess maybe like 86-57 with Kansas winning? I think that’s probably a pretty solid guess because basketball courts are really small and I feel like those dudes shoot the ball every chance they get even if they’re like 10 feet away (but that’s the point, right? Because then you get a three pointer!). Plus, I mean, 57 points is only 19 three pointers and a game is 48 minutes long so that would only be one shot every 2 mins and 30 seconds or so and that should honestly be attainable. For Kansas, I feel like that state does a lot of basketball, so I’m just gonna give then a higher score for no reason (but actually, the reason is that I feel like I associate Kansas with basketball and derbies and rodeos). Anyway, I’m just saying I feel like even though I love this school, we don’t have an outrageously amazing reputation in March Madness, so I don’t wanna set my expectations too high. But this way if we do win, then it’ll be that much more exciting because I never thought it’d happen! Again just a guess though.”



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