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A Series of Investigative Journalism: Rodog on Coronavirus Part Two

In the last, world-crashing article, using the dogged reporting that got me my name (Ro-dog), I shined a light on the Novel Coronavirus, which was, I believe, the reason that we were sent home from school and forced to stay inside.

I believe thusly that the Novel Coronavirus is a book about “coronavirus”, but I am not sure what that is nor do I know who wrote such a hideous thing.

That is - I wasn’t sure, until I came across several hundred posts on a little known social media known as ‘The Twitter’, which must emulate a bird or something, but which made no discernible noise to me, and did not have feathers.

The Twitter told me that J.K. Rowling, an author most famous for publishing a series called “Harry Potter”, has most definitely created the Novel Coronavirus, which I gathered by seeing many posts about her being a ‘bad person’ and saying that her words had ‘ruined lives’.

Those are exactly the things that the Novel Coronavirus has done.

I have read her previous series, and I must say, this new Novel Coronavirus is a strange departure from her previous work, but the evidence from The Twitter is overwhelming and cannot be ignored.

But I am not here to judge her.

Only blame her for destroying society with her fear mongering authoring.

More to come.



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