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A Series of Investigative Journalism: Rodog on Coronavirus Part One

It was March 28th, and I was kicked out of my dorm. I was confused, dejected, disheartened by the news that I would have to move home. But while my peers questioned only how they would get their belongings home, and when they would be able to leave their dorms… I asked myself what no one else was asking: why?

Why were we forced to leave? Who was behind such an outrageous demand?

Well, it’s been two months or so since then, and I think I finally have an answer.

The news gave me the first clue. Only once did I hear its name mentioned.

The Novel Coronavirus.

You may never have heard of this thing before, but it is the reason we are stuck at home, the reason we cannot get haircuts and the reason people scream at you when you pick up strange children in the park.

It is the reason you cannot go to six flags (boo) and the reason you cannot eat at your favorite restaurants. This Novel Coronavirus has scared the people into their homes, giving up civil liberties… and yet no one is talking about it.

Well I, Ro-dog, am not afraid to push the limits of investigative journalism. I am here to talk about what no one else is talking about - the Novel Coronavirus is ending life as we know it and I will not stand by and watch.

But now comes the even bigger question… who wrote the Novel Coronavirus? Will there be a sequel? A movie adaptation? And what could something like that do to our society?



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