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  • Sarah Lamodi

Students Outraged by Northeastern's Marvel-like Approach to Explosive New Series

"What's Next, Explosion 4: Multiverse of Madness?"

After a first month of classes riddled with fake bomb threats and emotional support dogs, Northeastern students from DMSB to CAMD are wondering: what’s next?

On September 13, the Citizen app was filled with live footage of what appeared to be the shoot of a new on-campus series. It was later confirmed thanks to a number of incredibly-helpful, not-at-all-vague alerts from NUPD that the series is titled “Explosion.” The show appears to be a “Law & Order'' style drama, however it is unclear whether or not crimes actually take place. Sources close to Times New Roman claim that the series is from the same studio that brought us ISEC, ISEC 2, and ISEC 3: Revenge of the MechE Students. Shortly after this reveal, the NUPD dropped another press release teasing “Explosion 2,” the similarly tense and highly-anticipated sequel to the original.

Leaked title art of upcoming "Explosion" installations.

Just over a week later on September 22, students and “Explosion” series fans alike were treated to “Explosion 3,” filmed on-location at Curry Student Center.

“It’s a super exciting time for Northeastern film and television,” said one student, “we haven’t seen content this original from Northeastern Studios since The Westin 11!”

But others weren’t so enthused with the ECU (Explosion Cinematic Universe).

“They totally sold out with the sequel. There was SO MUCH FANSERVICE it was insane. Like, bringing Paws back as vampire for him to say “it’s ‘splosion time” was a little too much,” claimed a bystander at the shoot of “Explosion 3.” “And don’t even get me started on that CGI Aoun doing parkour!”

“I mean “Explosion,” the original, was pretty good,” claimed a disgruntled, unemployed Media and Screen Studies Major, “and you can’t fault them for going for Explosion 2; sequels are always sink or swim. But Explosion 3? And it was still a fake out? At this point, something’s gotta give. Martin Scorsese actually said something really interesting about this phenomenon–”

Check back in with Times New Roman for more breaking news as this story develops.


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