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Dear Abby, My Roommate...

Dear Abby,

I am having trouble with my roommate. She always stays up late at night, typing on her bright computer screen and playing loud music. She never does her share of the dishes, always saying that she needs to finish her work before the deadline (whatever that means). I want to like her, but she can be real condescending at times. I'll ask her for something simple, like "Can you please hang up your towel after you finish showering," and she will tell me how to politely ask a roommate to keep the apartment clean, but then she doesn't actually do anything. She will make up a nickname for me as well, and call me something like "Tired of Towels" for the next few days. Any answers she gives are really vague and generally applicable, but it feels like some nuance is lost from my specific situation. I also think she secretly records my conversations and writes them up in the form of a letter. I've been reading about some eerily familiar situations in the "Dear Abby" column of the newspaper. Why do you even use that name? Please stop doing this to me Janet, I just want to have a normal roommate relationship.


Annoyed by Abby

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