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  • Michael

Top 10 Johns

1 ) JOHN CENA!! Bet you didn’t see that one coming.

2 ) Port-A-John: The local, family owned and operated company, which has been satisfying all your porta-potty needs since 1978.

3 ) Elton John: Never trust anyone with two first names...

4 ) John Mulaney: No joke here, (except your mom), he’s just a really good stand-up comedian. He also did coke. Don’t do coke.

5 ) John Green: John Green? More like John Chartreuse!

6 ) John Adams: I think he was like a senator or something, but more importantly his brother made an excellent brand of beer, get yours today! Samuel Adams, Boston’s finest beer! #lowkeysponsored *

7 ) John Stewart: Hated on Bill O’Reilly before it was cool.

8 ) John F. Kennedy (JFK): America’s second-most Catholic president.

9 ) John Hancock: His signature wasn’t his only thing that was enormous ;).

10) Papa John: Owner, founder, CEO, and playboy of Papa John’s Pizza. No one out-papas the John.

*This article wasn’t sponsored, but if it was it would be by Samuel Adams beer, Boston’s finest beer. Get yours today at any alcohol store probably I dunno.


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