Meet Our Executive Board!

Dan Carr

Editor in Chief, Actor, Former Child

The Leader

Despite not having a beard, Dan has secured his second term as Supreme Leader. Beardless, fearless, and beautiful, Dan writes hilarious emails, communicates with our bureaucratic overlords, and is actually on OrgSync! When he’s not dealing swift justice to staff writers, he enjoys taking long walks, walking take longs, and longing walk takes.

Rowan Van Lare

Head of Writing, Former Child Actor

The Real Leader

Despite having a beard, Rowan brings the sex appeal to all Times New Roman meetings and events. Some say she’s just the Head of Writing, but people in the know know that she’s a whole lot more. When she’s not writing love poems to her third grade English teacher, she enjoys fantasizing about her third grade English teacher.

Maddie Kelly

Head of Design, Remover of Signs

The Backbone

“Yeah my last name is a first name. What are you gonna do about it?”

Willy Unterkoefler

Head of Communication, Sort of

The Communicator

But why does Dan send all the emails then?

Ben Harrold

Head of Video, Has a Head

The Video Guy

Ben also sings, dances and cartwheels. When he’s not singing, dancing and cartwheeling, he’s not having any fun.

Emily Wharmby

Treasurer, Treasured Forever

The Money

And why we can’t afford pizza at our meetings anymore.

Delaney Bien

Student Representative, Oat Milk Drinker

The Oat Milker

Needlessly proud valedictorian of her Eighth Grade Class. Was unable to spell valedictorian at that time. Still unsure of how to spell valedictorian and has googled it three times while writing this. Now temporarily aware of how to spell valedictorian. Also intolerant of lactose. Some believe she is lactose intolerant. Rather than cows, Delaney milks oats.

The King

Jake Mohamed, The Bearded, First of His Name, King of Times New Roman, Arbiter of Truth, Dispenser of Wisdom, Writer of Articles, Winner of Movie Fests, Spreader of Peanut Butter, Licker of Jelly, Maker of Sandwiches The Unelected. May He Live Forever.

Meet Some Other People Who Sometimes Show Up!

Claudia Hurtado

Former Treasurer

Daniel Melcer

Former Deputy Head of Communication

Kevin Dunne

Deputy Head of Something

Lior Zippel

Deputy Head of Communication

Mareya Esperanza

Former Head of Design

Sanya Mittal

Former Representative

John Doe

Profile Picture Model, Scapegoat

Meet Our Founders

Greg Miele

Former Head Editor

Gus Castillo

Former President

Eric Tatar

Former Head Editor

Lucas Cohen

Former Head of Writing

Gerad Sockol

Former Member (Happily Deceased)

Tim Lyons

Former Former

Adheesh Lilaramani

Former TNR Representative

Julio Huato

Former Treasurer

Ben Reed

King (Dethroned)

Jesus Christ, why are they all men? What year is it? 1908??

Excellent quetion. TNR was formed in this century, but it was formed almost entirely by Greg's roommates, whom he dragged to the first meeting. Thus, the embarrassing lack of women. Oh, and also cooties or whatever.