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  • Lior Zippel

Self Described Libertarian Votes for Police State

Medfield, MA – Citing what he called “a disturbing trend of government overreach” and “increased disruption among protestors and looters,” local self-described Libertarian Richard Sanders has been advocating and supporting a Police State at the ballot box. “I just think the government should stay out of our business,” says Sanders speaking from his half-acre ranch, the chair of the Coalition of Libertarians Invested in Trump, also known as CLIT. “No relation.” He assured reporters. “Absolutely none.” When asked by reporters, he said his organization’s foremost issues are “keeping big government out of our home and our streets, and putting a hard stop on the agitators, rioters, and looters in our streets. No mercy.” CLIT, a 501c non-non-profit organization has put together several fundraisers, and classes in Medfield as well as publishing literature for the local libertarian community, most recently: “5 Tips for Gun Owners Under 5,” “The Confession Tapes: Real Stories from the War with ANTIFA,” “How to Get Your AR-15 Unstuck Out of a Mayo Jar,” and all-time classics “Why We Need to Rephrase the Conversation on Neo-Nazis: the Coloring Book,” “Rock a Bye-Baby: Lullaby or Socialist Propaganda”. Sanders made it very clear that the government “has no right to come into our hometown, take our guns, or tell us what we can or cannot do. We have every right to protest lockdowns and for our liberty. We at CLIT believe that everyone should be free to do and say whatever they choose. It is one of the core tenants of the constitution.” When asked about the Black Lives Matters protests he said “Except them. We need someone to come in and take them off the street. Send in the federal troops. I think frankly that is the only option right now. To be honest, I think Trump should suspend the election, and send in the troops.” He urged his followers to report and compose a registry of ANTIFA members. “We need to keep an eye out for these communists. They are the greatest threat to our democracy. I think we should suspend our democracy in the name of democracy. A police state is the only option to protect our constitutional rights and our liberty.”



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