Who We Are

Thank you for reading Times New Roman, Northeastern University’s Premier satire/comedy newspaper, gazette, digital thing-a-majig!

Founded sometime in the past, Times New Roman was Northeastern’s satirical magazine before disbanding sometime in the past, but not so far in the past that it was before the time in the past when it was founded. It is unclear why Times New Roman disbanded, but it was surely over some sketchy shit. But don’t worry, none of that matters because we’re back!

TNR is here to bring satire, stories, and comedy of every variety bi-weekly(ish) to further enrich Northeastern. You can also expect videos whenever our wonderful writers have a creative spark of genius.

We know you’re probably only here because one of our members gave you a really uncomfortable look, but we’re glad you stopped by!If you give TNR a chance, we promise you’ll find a plethora of sub-par jokes and a few adequate ones.

By reading Times New Roman, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry (from laughter), you’ll get angry (with laughter), you’ll die (from laughter!), and a bunch of other stuff. Read more of our issues in the archive and check out our videos if you like what you see!

Even if you don’t, give us a chance to redeem ourselves by sending any feedback you have to neutimesnewroman@gmail.com!

Times New Roman meets every Tuesday at 7 PM in Ryder Hall 296.

Who Are We?

But, more importantly, why are we? What does it all mean? If God put us on this Earth, it certainly wasn’t for this.

Are We Who?


Who are you?

Who who, who who?

Whee Hoo Whee Hoo

Quick, run! It’s the police!